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Bosskey, post-launch, pre-notoriety

Hello all! Bosskey is a new site, and as a new site, it's still finding its bearings in the world.

Bosskey's regular writers are people who have something to say, enough knowledge of their topic to say it with authority, and a dynamic writing style. A love for their subject matter is what brings them to us, and a desire to share their thoughts keeps them around.

If you are a person who wants to become a better writer, and/or you have a love of nerdy things, perhaps you'd fit in as a writer at Bosskey! We are looking for people who can commit to one article a week, with some allowance for delays that will get more flexible as time goes on.

As we move forward, you may see some slight adjustments to our direction, but never to our mission. The way we approach our goals shifts as we learn new things and meet new people. Keep in mind that the site is still in active development, so occasionally there will be new features for you to utilize and enjoy.

Just yesterday, we added the "news blurb" format, which is designed to offer a quick look at important news topics relevant to your interests! When big news is reported, we'll post a quick summary, including all the most important facts, and we'll provide a source URL where you can read more. This is meant to keep everyone on the same page if they haven't had the chance to keep up with other news outlets.

Contact me, Josh, at if you're interested in writing. Or, you can find me on Facebook.

The header image is Unstompable Force by TsaoShin.