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Bosskey Updates June 2nd

Hey everyone! I just want to direct your attention to some recent site updates that should make all of our lives a little easier.

Most importantly, our syndication options have been fleshed out! The RSS feed is now fully functional and waiting to be used for your convenience. If you prefer to keep track of our updates over Twitter, there's a Bosskey account there as well. Follow us, subscribe to us, do whatever! You can also find these links in the sidebar, which is of course also home to our Facebook information. Like us! These tools should make it easier for you to keep track of our E3 updates starting today with Nintendo's pre-E3 shindig.

There's a variety of other small changes and fixes including the implementation of the thread rating system. This should allow users an easier means to sort threads by how useful and/or interesting they are. So, if you think a thread is particularly well executed, say you like it! Or, say you don't if you think it could be improved. There's tweaks coming to this system in the future, so we're always open to your opinions.

Check the full list of updates here, or let us know what you think should come in the next round here! Have a beautiful day!

Header image "The Final Boss" by TsaoShin.