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Link to the Past sequel announced for 3DS to be released holidays this year

Today, at a Nintendo Direct presentation, Link to the Past 2 was unveiled as a 3D graphics enhanced traditional Zelda game. This is the first time we've had a new game of this kind since Minish Cap.

A year ago, Miyamoto commented on the idea of a remake to the SNES classic Link to the Past, saying that he'd much rather see a follow-up title than a simple 3D-ification of the classic. Of course, for news starved Zelda fans, any news is good news.

Turns out, follow-up means sequel! The new game will utilize its new platform in some unique ways — while predominantly a "2D" game, the player can shift perspective by becoming a drawing on a wall, and move within the third dimension to solve puzzles. There will also be new layers of depth, heightened by the 3D effects of the device. 3DS owners can find a 3D enabled video demonstrating these features later today on the 3DS eshop.

In other Zelda news, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages will be available on the 3DS store May 30, complete with game-linking features. Huzzah!