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Music Review: Mega Ran's Language Arts: Volume Two

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from teacher, rapper, hero Random (a.k.a. Mega Ran), other than the fact that he loves games. I listened to his newest album, Mega Ran in Language Arts Volume 2, and enjoyed it. The music, while not really my style, was quite catchy and more than once I found myself head-bobbing along to the beat.

While the start of the album is slow for my tastes, it picks up rather well in the second half, at least sound-wise. The love story message didn’t resonate well with me, but I was really impressed with Random’s ability to rap without taking the easy way out and filling space with a myriad of swearing. Many of the lines were quite clever; the man puts thought into his lyrics. His voice is also quite clear and fits the music well. It’s also worth mentioning this album has a continual overarching storyline (along with volume 1 and the soon to be released volume 3), which adds a bit more depth to the music.

My favorite track, where I think he shines best, is the bonus track. It’s got an awesome 8-bit beat and the lyrics are full on game references while still maintaining a solid flow. This song, more than any other lead me to his website, and the whole host of other music he has available. Most of his songs are based on video games, and I couldn’t stop listening to everything he had up to sample. Listening to any piece of Random’s music, it’s immediately clear he has a ton of talent.

Though personally I’m more attracted to his game music than the content of the new album, if you’re a fan of hip hop, you won’t be disappointed with this or any of his music. I expect to see more great things come from this guy as I look forward to Language Arts Volume 3.

You can find the album on Mega Ran's website: