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Saga Mini Review

A few weeks back, we told you about Image Comics and the exciting material that's in the pipeline for them. A few days ago, I discovered that the first issue of the Image-published serial Saga was available for free on Comixology.

I read it, and then I bought the other five currently available issues. Its writer is Brian K. Vaughan, known best perhaps for Runaways (Marvel) and Y: the Last Man (Vertigo), and its artist is Fiona Staples, whose chops are proven by her work here.

Saga is a space/scifi epic with twinges of medieval/magic elements inspired by Western fantasy mythology. It follows two star-crossed lovers and their baby as they escape the obligations brought on by the war between their two peoples. Those that interact with them as ally or pursuer are written as strongly as the main cast. This is a story with a lot of thorough development, from world to characters.

I find my biggest problem thus far, however, is the nature of the pacing. As with many ongoing comics, you never really feel like you've gotten enough out of an issue to be satisfied. It may be best to wait for collections going forward, though I doubt I'll be able to wait terribly long with a month lying between each release. That said, the first 6 issues comprise of a fairly complete story, with many hooks for the continued story, but not so many that it feels incomplete.

It's worth your time at least to get a hold of that free first issue, which is a complete story in itself, longer than the others. Decide from there!