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Skyrim DLC gets PC and PS3 release after many month delay

A blog post Friday from Bethesda announced an actual date for the release of not only the PC version of Dragonborn, but also a TBA release in February for the Playstation 3 (preceded by the 1.8 patch). The Dragonborn DLC (downloadable content) will be available for PC users on February 5th, and sometime later in February for PS3 users. Later in the same month, the first and second DLC packs Dawnguard and Hearthfire will be released on PS3. Each of these DLCs including Dragonborn will be priced at 50% off for the first week of release.

For PS3 users especially this will be either a very exciting prospect or too little too late.

Many PS3 users have become very frustrated by the fact that every DLC for Skyrim has been put on hold for them. XBOX 360 has had exclusivity for at least one month per release. But after the first DLC Dawnguard was released in June of 2012 most PC and PS3 users expected the DLC after 30 days. The PC was lucky enough to receive their DLC 60 days later. PS3 users were not so lucky, and with no news regarding when or why, people began to get upset. After 90 days it seemed like a hopeless notion that Bethesda even cared. After another month and many angry customers, Pete Hines quelled some on Twitter that the company was working on it and would have a release sometime in early 2013.

It's reasonable for Playstation users to be upset when XBOX had no issues with their original release date, and PC users and PS3 users were left to figure out when they would get their chance. It looks like that time is coming to a close. Hopefully with this ends reasons to complain. And perhaps in the future Bethesda will not make this mistake again. Many fans still don't understand why it took so long for Bethesda to fix those issues in the first place. Though, I can’t completely fault them for taking their time, considering how many updates were needed for the original game itself.

Bethesda is doing its best to put out a quality product that all users of all platforms will be happy with. Pete Hines did explain that the reason behind the specific issues is performance and that although some people would be okay with it, others would not. This is a company attempting to give the customer a quality product free of as many errors as possible. Should we fault them for that? PC users have waited just as long as for the new Dragonborn DLC but no console has waited longer than Playstation users for all 3. Likely as an apology, Bethesda has decided to offer a 50% discount the first week, a very clever marketing ploy that will no doubt bring back some angry players who'd stated they'd never buy the DLC out of spite. We are fickle by nature I suppose. Will you be purchasing the DLCs, or are you already done with Skyrim? What are your thoughts on this whole ordeal?

I myself have been frustrated and not too happy with Bethesda’s lack of updates but with this specific company I have learned to be patient. And in the end I will definitely purchase all 3 DLCs at once and play them happily. That is until I need a patch.