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Sony announces the PS4 for Holiday 2013

Yesterday, Sony officially unveiled its PS4. The console will feature 8 GB of memory, an x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" 8 core processor, an AMD Radeon-based "next-gen" GPU, a "large" built-in hard drive, Bluray, and all that jazz. Sony-owned Gaikai is present in a major way with remote-play, instant streaming of your game play, and instant access to game demos from the store, among other things. A new Killzone and inFamous were announced, along with a new IP called Knack. Third party contributions include a new IP from Capcom Deep Down, a Diablo 3 port from Blizzard, Jonathan Blow's The Witness and Bungie's new persistent world FPS RPG Destiny.

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by Joshua Whitman on Feb 21, 2013