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DC's new readers after reboot already liked comics; The marketing ventures of comic books need to be expanded

Around this time last year DC Entertainment announced that the conclusion of Flashpoint would reboot the entire DC Universe. In a letter to retailers, Senior VP of Sales Bob Wayne said that DC's goal was to "make jumping into the story extremely accessible to first-time readers...". DC hired A.C. Nielsen to do a case study on the readership of The New 52. We already knew that The New 52 initiative focused on attracting the 18-34 male demographic. That's hilarious, because it was a demographic they already had control over. But the most disheartening statistic in that entire survey was that the overwhelming majority of New 52 readers were either avid comic fans or lapsed readers. This is not what comics needed. DC may have made accessible stories, but they failed miserably in their outreach and marketing campaigns.

Comic book publishers as a whole need to seriously reevaluate their marketing strategies if the comics industry is to survive. Marvel and DC are lucky if they get into Entertainment Weekly twice a year. And the smaller publishers? Forget it. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard published a short Michonne story from The Walking Dead in April 2012's issue of Playboy, but such publicity stunts are rare. There are so many missed opportunities that DC and Marvel (or any comic publisher) can take advantage of across all media.