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Bosskey's E3 Plans

E3 steadily approaches, taking place next week starting Monday. This annual event is a nucleus around which game industry news revolves. Members of the industry are bracing themselves for the massive amount of information that will shift the focus of game conversations towards the future. Fans everywhere are getting more and more excited as they anticipate exciting news.

But, E3 is more than the conversation, more than the news - it's a truly global community event. With most of the major press conferences streamed live, people across the world can share the experience of being the first to see new, important news. With this unity of information, fans eagerly gather for discussion, wanting to share their laughter, their joy, or their anger.

Bosskey plans to serve that discussion. Starting next Monday at 9:30 am Pacific time (UMT -8), we will be hosting our own live blogs during each press conference. Our live blog will contain a steady stream of news as it comes in from the conference, as well as a means for readers and viewers to provide their own commentary instantly. Those of you unable to watch the events as they occur can keep up with not only the news, but the Bosskey community's reactions. After each conference concludes, the entire log will be saved, providing an easy means to keep track of each announcement and/or the reactions of the Bosskey community.

Keep reading for more details and a schedule of conferences/live blogs.


E3 2012 expectations, predictions, and japery

Held this year June 5 to 7 in LA, E3 2012 is probably the last E3 we'll have that focuses primarily on the current generation of consoles. It's a momentous event that always changes the landscape of game discussion, even if it tends to accomplish little on its own.

The potential for self-parody present on every public stage is one of E3's most entertaining aspects. Executives, hired talent, and developers appeal to fans with varying levels of charisma. Such antics have contributed to the fame of Nintendo's teddy bear monster executive Reggie Fils-Aime, among others.

This year's convention has a lot of potential for exciting news. Nintendo will be detailing their new console, for one. New handhelds 3DS and Vita will have to prove their longevity with interesting release lineups. The other companies will be sharing their closing lineups for what might be this console generation's last big holiday cycle.