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To celebrate our first anniversary, Bosskey 2.0!

One year ago today, we officially launched Bosskey. And to celebrate, we are delivering to you a new and improved website!

This is Bosskey 2.0. The website has undergone major improvements, some more obvious than others. Overall, things will run more smoothly and look prettier! As always, send your endless praise to our developer Suzanne, who's been working tirelessly to make this update possible. Look forward to a few more things and bug fixes coming in the next week or so. Check the development thread in the coming days for more details.

Also from today, we've revised our mission statement. The focus of our articles is shifting in a way that should provide you with more unique and interesting content more regularly.

Bosskey entertains and informs its users at the whims of its content-creators. Writers write about what they like, which often includes content related to video games, TV & movies, comics, and other popular media. The forums and blog posts are meant for a community to enjoy itself casually, and for its members to feel at home among people of like minds.

We love our community, and want you to enjoy yourselves while you're here. That's the goal of our content, and that's the goal of this update, and that's what I hope you'll hold us to.

As the site moves onward, we'll be advertising to new user bases and syndicating our content much more often. You'll notice a return to regular updates, more interesting content, and a few new writers! As always, we take on all comers, so if you're interested in writing, we'd love to have you.

Thank you for your continued support, all!