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Welcome to Bosskey!

Welcome, one and all! This is Bosskey, a blog and forum for nerdy people, covering topics of interest to a wide range of such people.

As more and more people come into our midst in the coming weeks, I’d like to be perfectly clear about what the site is. To that end, we have a “mission statement,” as in, a carefully written statement of the “perfect state” of the site. What are we about?

Bosskey brings thoughtful discussion to games, TV & movies, comics, and other popular media. It is a community-driven website built to encourage thought-provoking conversations and a friendly atmosphere. Bosskey writers, artists, and editors provide high-grade, informed, and/or humorous content on a regular basis as enthusiasts of popular media. Bosskey users can enjoy a wide variety of new content in the forums and blog daily.

It’s pretty simple, really. We just want people to enjoy themselves. There’s a learning process we, the staff, are going through right now as we get our bearings. The site will constantly improve as development continues. As time goes on, we will become better and better, in content and in execution.

As you read this now, unless you’ve navigated your way back here from a far off future, you’re witnessing the ground level of something awesome.

We’re really excited to have you here, and it is our greatest hope that you’ll find something here in the content that will bring you back tomorrow and the next day ad infinitum.

To all those who’ve helped us get this far, I offer my sincere thanks. To Suzanne, our wonderful programmer and co-creative lead for the site, I offer the greatest hyperbolic expression of gratitude money can’t buy. May the might of a thousand suns carry on her work in perpetuity.

And thank you! If you’re reading this, thank you. I hope you enjoy yourself!